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Stells & Fish Candles20190326125308
Trunk Candles20190326125243
Citree Candles20190326125211
Candlestick Candle20190326125138
Pinneapple Candles20190326125112
Pillar Candles20190326125045
Vase Candles20181126163201
Mix Christmas Tree Candles20181126163008
Mix Candles20181126113025
Balls Candles20181031163246
Trope Candle20181031163205
Stone Candles20181031163016
Fish Candles20181031162931
Punpkinis Candles20181031162830
Head Animals Cabdles20181031162720
Silver Candles20181031162219
Barroco Candles20181031145131
Pine Cone Candle20181031143547


About Us

Constituted in 1988, Cerafina has the mission of the trade and industry of handmade candles, decorative, aromatic, etc. Cerafina is essentially dedicated to the foreign market.

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